Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Line Docs Stage One -Completed

Well, the first stage is over. The existing docs have been uploaded, I've added some entries to the FAQs page and have registered the Gnocl.org URL. I'm sure that it'll take a while for all the glitches to be ironed out and the final format settled upon but I think that its all coming together nicely. Its the last part of February now and I think that sometime around Easter will be a good, time to release announce new release of Gnocl,  ie 0.9.95.

One factor that has slowed me down somewhat it the issue over text formatting. Clearly the original documentation was 'generated' rather than hand coded, perhaps using doctools. But, I don't have time for all that sorta malarkey and have opted for the most direct way in, simple HTML WYSIWYG editing. I've settled on using Google sites 'cos I don't have to pay for the hosting and besides, all the other files that I use for screenshots etc are all stored there. Unfortunately, the text editor doesn't allow me to recreate the identiing of the original docs, but a solution seems to be at hand. I notice that site can insert external documents which are stored as Google Docs files. Although the docs text editor is the same (?) as the one used for sites, I can upload the correctly formatted documentation files using OpenOffice extensions -really, really useful. I loath HTML editors at the best of times and so finding a 'wp' approach is much more to my liking. It also means that I can download the online docs and use these to produce a printable manual. Nice.

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