Thursday, October 14, 2010

Development Audit

Earlier today I did a rather informal audit of the state of the implementation of Gnocl widget set. As my attention to coding is largely demand driven certain implementations are begun, brought to a 'what is required' state and then....  Well, left to looked at some indefinite future period. As I've nothing to draw my attention at the moment, the obvious activity in need of attention is those incomplete items. So, here's a list of what I have to finish.

1) Printing support, only the bare bones are present.
2) Undo/Redo script for text, support for d'n'd needs implementing.
3) Extension of Undo/Redo include text entry items.
4) Recent file choose button.

5) Tooltips work, but rely heavily upon deprecated code.

6) Canvas, add polyline arc and some other simple line primitives (eg. stars).
7) Pixbuf -complete image processing commands.
8) Cairo support -complete support for primitives.
9) Review splashscreen code.
10) Calendar

That should do for now.

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