Friday, October 29, 2010

gnocl::iconview -progressing

Done more work on adding items to the display. The code originally had a stub which  populated the widget, but now items can be added directly,

set iv [gnocl::iconView \
    -columns 2 \
    -orientation vertical ]

gnocl::window \
    -title VERTICAL \
    -child $iv \

$iv add pointer.png
$iv add upArrow.png
$iv add downArrow.png
$iv add logo.png

At the moment any graphic will be displayed at its original size and not resized to fit. Reflecting upon this and the fact that the GtkIconView widget can display any prededefined GtkTreeList, I think that I will after all, need to implement a parameter struct for this module. This is no hassle. Something for tomorrow....

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