Monday, April 11, 2011

gnocl::toolPalette -orientation

Implemented the orientation option. Runs ok. A couple of dumb oversights on my part resulted in the job taking a little longer than anticipated but, its now done. Taking a look at the D'n'D (Drag and Drop, not Dungeons and Dragons) options now. The idea is to implement exchange between a palette of toolbar items and an active toolbar. The C source code looks pretty complicated and I wouln't like to implement such features on a regular basis. But them isn't that the whole point of using Tcl? Develop the source code that does all the tough stuff one, and then add a command for it. In the Tcl community the mantra is 'Everything is a String'. This should read: In Tcl, every string is a mantra! Utter one little magic word and a whole pile of goodness occurs!

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