Saturday, April 28, 2012

Working on Tcl script to convert gnoc::text tags into pango markup strings.

Getting working pango strings from text widget contents is not a simple issue, the various Gtk/Gnome programming sites contain many references to the possibility but.. Ok, the purposes are different - pango is only for marking up short strings. I want, however to edit pango formatted gnocl::list/tree strings in my text editor. At the moment my solution is working, albeit with rather long, messy mark-up sequences. Why? Pango doesn't allow tags to be overlapped. For example:

tag1On asdasd tag2On asdasdad tag1Off sasdasd tag2Off

Would produce an error. This would have to be:

tag1On asdasd tag2On asdasdad tag2Off tag1Off tag2On sasdasd tag2Off

So far my solution has been to create markups for each character in a string. The next step is simplifying that string.


rick said...

have attempted to use gnocl with WinXP, but it seems there are some dll dependencies. Where may they be found?

Assistance appreciated; would like to try gnocl


rick said...

Have attempted to run gnocl in a winxp environment, subsequent to downloading the win32 modules from sourceforge. However, it seems that there are missing libraries/dll.

Would appreciate knowing where/how they may be obtained.