Saturday, October 01, 2016


The earlier version of the GnoclSpellCheck module as developed on my ancient 32-bit workstation running OpenSuse 11.2 (yes, I said that it was ancient). The problem arising from using legacy equipment is that when packages like Gnocl are developed, not only can various elements cease to work (i.e GtkSpell 2 does not run at all on a Gnome 3 desktop or under Ubuntu Mate) but later libraries such as GtkSpell 3 are complete re-writes and can, as I've found, have their own bugs! A new Gnome speller, gspell is under development but this requires the bleeding edge Gtk3 libraries which, apart from being incompatible with the Gtk+2 libraries against which Gnocl is built, these latest versions are not currently part of the stable releases. So, I thought, build my own. So, I did. Rather than using the C-api for either Ispell, Aspell or Hunspell, I've just used a simple data pipe. These three packages give varying suggestions for misspelt words so, the eventual front end will enable the user to pick which engine they want to use.

Here's a screen shot of the development program.  All the key elements are present: check as you type, errors are marked up, popup menus contain alternatives.  Just a little tweaking needed (if possible) to offset the error underline as the window manager doesn't seem to adequately refresh to layout to remove artefacts.

Currently working on a GUI for the full checker based upon the LibreOffice model.

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