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Last Post for 2017!

A lot of work has been done on the development sources over the past month.  Most are the addition of extra functionality to the existing widget set along with a few internal bug fixes.

Here looking forward to 2018!

    Added three macro-like commands used for testing the existence of
        proceedures and variables: __DEF_PROC__, __DEF_VAR__ and __DEF_GLOBAL__
        o changed command onSelectionChanged to selectionChanged.
        o new option -keys, keywords or tags use in saving off column data.
        o sub-command getFullist has new options, -keys, return list data as ro   
        o Fixed problem of widget failing to return and empty string when cancel button selected.
        o gnocl::winfo geometry has new option, -tagged. This will return geometry as a tagged list.
            eg: puts [gnocl::winfo geometry $wid -tagged] returns:
            x val y val w val h val
            This option simplifies up v…