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Heavy maintenance going on...

I recently upgraded my workstation to Ubuntu 19 which has resulted in a number of downstream compilation issues. So, I'm currently in the process of ironing these out. These aren't subtantial but do result in runtime segmentation faults. Needlessly to say, these are very irritating, as they largely represent imcompatibilities between the earlier code and newer library internals.

Hey, ho! Moving along!

   Building against Gtk+ 2.24.32 api
        o removed unecessary code, all functions working.
        o commands check, get, add, remove and purge now implemented
          (warning dialog appears to confirm/cancel purge)       
        o new options -recentManager, -fileFilters, -sortType,
                -limit, -localOnly, -showIcons, -showPrivate, -showTips, -returnURI,
                -selectMultiple (does not return user selection, but those RCM list)
        o code simplified to re…