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gnocl::text new option -data, new command cget

Been adding a few tweaks to the code today. Added the -data option and the cget command. Also slightly modified the percentage substitution strings for the gnocl::entry -onIconPress event handler. Hitherto %t would have provided details about a the mousebutton event. It makes more sense to us %b allowing %t to be used to substitute the contents of the entry buffer.

Finally, I'm working on a simple text editing widget to add to the gnocl::megawidgets package. Its nothing fancy, no rich text editing, just a simple scribble pad to embed in those app which might need it!


Ok, there's not much left to do with this one but... Added a cget command which enable some simple querying. Still working on the binding for the handle move. For some reason there's no binding for mouse operations, just keyboard adjustment.


Had some feedback today on the gnocl::calendar. I've taken a look at the developement sources and have now wrapped my debugging/testing lines in #ifdef blocks. This means that users will not be inundated with debugging messages. There will still be cases, however, when the Gtk+ libraries write warning and error messages to the console.The revised version is now available from SourceForge.