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July Update

Enhanced the supported functionality of a number of objects during June. These aren't so much bindgings to underlyting Gtk API calls, but offerings of additional, practical controls.

        o added %T subsititution string (toplevel) for -onActivate and -onIconPress

        o -wrapLicence default set to 1
        o new options: -child, and -information.
          Where: -child enables a custome widget to be embedded in the
          dialog area, and -informations adds a further control button
          and the creation of an information popup.  

        o new option -text

        o new options -onActivate, -onButtonPress, -onButtonRelease, -onKeyPress
        o new commands getSelection, grabFocus, activate
        o entry strings will be automatcially prepended to pulldown menu and duplicates removed
        o combobox entry widget automatically registered during creation.

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