Sunday, May 16, 2010

DDD -Doxygen Documentation Done

At last! Revised all the widgets and commands modules to reflect the documentation changes using Doxygen. Whilst the online documentation is still the primary user documentation repository, I feel that there is a need to integrate all documenation together. I've now done this. All the sources were cluttered with notes, most of which were unecessary. These have gone, and the useful details on how the functions worked moved to a separate location ../doc_includes. A simple commented instruction to Doxyen tells the application to include the page in the docs.
I'm still not certain if this is the best way to do things. I'm purely working under my own steam here as I know no one who uses Doxygen with whom I can exchange ideas. As a result. the gnocl.c module contains all the definitions for the extra pages. At some later point I'll look at creating a single, separate file that handle the construction of these extra pages.

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