Saturday, December 18, 2010

gnocl::keyFile -progress

Got the basics running now. Seeing as in TCL 'everything is a string' the process of retrieving and setting values in the Tcl side is simple. I've got the information retrieval side working well and some skeletal bits for adding values which I'll bash into shape tomorrow. Here's my sample_config.ini file:

# this is just an example
# there can be comments before the first group

[First Group]
Name=Key File Example\tthis value shows\nescaping
# localized strings are stored in multiple key-value pairs

[Another Group]

#This is me!

And the test script to access it.

# test-keyfile.tcl
# William J Giddings, 28/12/2010

exec tclsh "$0" "$@"

package require Gnocl

set kf1 [gnocl::keyFile load sample_config.ini]

puts "1 [$kf1 get string -group Person -key name]"
puts "2 [$kf1 get string -key name -group Person ]"
puts "3 [$kf1 get value -group Person -key name]"
puts "4 [$kf1 get value -key name -group Person ]"
puts "5 [$kf1 get string -key age -group Person ]"
puts "6 [$kf1 get string -key sex -group Person ]"
puts "6 [$kf1 get string -key sex -group Person -locale UK ]"
puts "7 [$kf1 get comment -group Person -key name ]"

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