Sunday, January 01, 2012

Release 0.9.96

Just uploaded the latest stable release to Sourceforge. It been some time since the last major release and a of enhancements have been made. For me the next milestone was implementing the recentFiles functionality available through Gtk+. This is working, although a lot more options and commands need to be implemented for the gnocl::recentManager widget. Having said that, though, I can see that bulk of the functionality would only be rarely used.

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that the posts have reduced over the past few months. This isn't due to any loss of interest in Gnocl, far from it! I've also been working on my own translation tools which, I have to say, is the basic fuel which keeps the development work going.

Over the past four years or so that I've been working on Gnocl an awful lot of code has been added to the sources. Code that not only provide Tcl access to Gtk resources but provides a whole lot of advanced features which makes coding a breeze.

Happy 2012!!!

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Jason said...

I downloaded the source code for 0.9.96 but the Makefile looks for fileFilter.o which seems to be missing from the package. Am I missing something?