Tuesday, May 09, 2017

April Update

Its a  little later than anticipated,  but here's news of changes to the gnocl package options implented during April. As always, get the latest sources from SourceForge.

        o progress now works more efficiently, i.e.
            wid progress 0.75    ;# set progress bar fraction to 0.75
            wid progress        ;# increment an barlength as an ongoing progress
            In the second example, the options -range and -progressSteps must be set.
                gnocl::entry -name ent -value ABCDEF -progressSteps $d -range $max
                gnocl::vBox -name container
                container add [ent]
                gnocl::window -child [container]
                for {set i 0} {$i<=$max} {incr i} {
                    # do something...
                    ent progress
        o search command can now accurately set multiple tags. Unknown tags with result in a Gtk Warning.
    Reducing number of internal Gtk warnings written to stdout. Largely arising from invalid cast in setting widget pointers in shared command functions.

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