Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Continue Docs Writing...

I’m quite pleased with the way in which the on-line docs are now shaping. I know that the trend might be for lots of colourful borders and so on but, lets face it, when you're reading a magazine or book, for a long period of time there’s nothing worse than the excessive use of colour blurring over the eyes due to the after images they produce. Besides, a bookish look, in my mind gives a more serious feel to the proceedings!

Today I uploaded some basic tutorials which were created a while ago and also did a few more uploading tests. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that cutting and pasting straight between OpenOffice and the Sites page editor is the quickest route. Sure, sites will discard a lot of the HMTL extra things that can be done, but which, perhaps ought not to be done anyway! Embedded imagery was carried over perfectly.

I also reworked the ‘ Getting-Started’ page by expanding the comments to describe more of what’s happening in the scripts.

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