Monday, February 22, 2010

Gnocl On-Line Docs

Well, I've spent the better part of the weekend working on the Gnocl docs. This should be enough to be going on with. The main structure is now there which is the main point. The docs are basically those pages shipped with tarballs at Sourceforge which, tyo be frank, haven't changed much since release 0.9.91. There were a lot of correction which needed to be done, typically repetitive spelling mistakes which I think was probably being due the originally original docs being made under a scripted process.

For reasons basically down to costs, I've created and posted the pages to a Googlesites. I needed something quick and easy to use and can be accessed from any one of the half-dozen or so pcs and laptops the live on our home network. Ok, it does load stylesheets but, does that matter? It just makes matters much too complicated.

At the moment there are about 130+ pages which are all accessible from the on-screen navigation panel. I've kept the colourful graphics down to a minimum preferring a more sombre book-like feel to the layouts. It's still early days at the moment and I expect that the size of the site will begin to expand gradually to include the new features implemented from Gnocl 0.9.92 and beyond.

Well, back to page formatting...

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