Wednesday, January 13, 2010

gnoc::assistant -day 3

Continued working on the module creation assistant today. So that existing module aren't overwritten or widgets not identified for support, I've looked at ways of inspecting the current Gtk+ devel installation to see what widgets are available seeing as Gtk lacks the introspection to return a list of registered widgets. The likely root seems to be reading what include files are present. If this doesn't work then the list will need to be hard-coded into the script itself. It might also mean, of course, adding new, brief modules to the core to cater for differences in basic objects, ie. GtkPaned (a Gtk Object) becomes GtkHPaned and GtkVPaned (specific widget implementations).

Another thing I'll work on today is adding a -text option to the gnocl::text widget which will place some initial text in a widget rather than adding an extra line or two of script.

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