Wednesday, January 20, 2010

gnocl::assistant new functionality and package development script

Haven't done much for the past couple of days, but today I spent a couple of hours working on the gnocl::assistant from two perspectives:

1) how to use the resources in order to effect a effective code flow for more that one pathway, and

2) expand and refine the functions available.

Well, success on both accounts. In order to set the right assistant flow, there needs to be regular re-configuration of the assistan widgets -onPrepare option.

At the moment I want to create an assistant to allow me to one of three types of module, then based upon that choice, the susquent questions, installaton directories and so on will naturally change. This process is working on the Tcl script side and aims at identifying which strategy works best. On the other hand, the C coding side it has largely been a process of cutting and pasting existing signal handling options into the package option array. There is one useful outcome of this, however, is the need to look at the innards of implementing a custon widget cget function. So far, so good. Once again, what I previously felt was a frustrating widget to work upon is now turning into both an interesting and engaging activity.

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