Tuesday, January 12, 2010

gnocl::assistant -day 2

Unusually for me I finished yesterday's programming stint on a high.

I've got the gnocl::assistant running sweetly and so I want to put to good use helping me! How many times have I sat down and build new widget modules from scratch or re-worked bindings of the same class (eg buttons) when I know the whole process can be semi-automated?

Well, early today I put together a bare bones template for implementing new widget bindings. After this was completed, I brought the C module into a Tcl script as a string and set up a series of [string map] operations to modify the code to set up core functions and options with binding related names. The script will also backup and then modify the gnocl master Makefile to build and link the new module into the package. Oh, the joys to Tcl programming! Following that I put the basics together for the assistant script which is starting to look pretty good. Can't wait to finish it, a sort of late Christmas present for myself!
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