Thursday, July 12, 2018

July Update

Enhanced the supported functionality of a number of objects during June. These aren't so much bindgings to underlyting Gtk API calls, but offerings of additional, practical controls.

        o added %T subsititution string (toplevel) for -onActivate and -onIconPress

        o -wrapLicence default set to 1
        o new options: -child, and -information.
          Where: -child enables a custome widget to be embedded in the
          dialog area, and -informations adds a further control button
          and the creation of an information popup.  

        o new option -text

        o new options -onActivate, -onButtonPress, -onButtonRelease, -onKeyPress
        o new commands getSelection, grabFocus, activate
        o entry strings will be automatcially prepended to pulldown menu and duplicates removed
        o combobox entry widget automatically registered during creation.

As always, the latest dvelopement sources are available from SourceForge.

Monday, June 04, 2018

June Update

The combo entry is undergoing some enhancements at the moment to enable closer match of options and commands with entry. More to follow next, month.

        o when adding non-scrollable child widgets, created viewport has no shadow by default.
        o new options -primaryIcon and -secondaryIcon

Friday, May 04, 2018

May Update

Only a few enhancements to report for April.  At the moment using the gnocl::text  -swap and -balanceQuotes options needs some care when implemented. As both of these options work in response to a Gtk key-release signal, using these in conjunction with -onKeyPress may produce some unexpected results. For reason for this is that the Gtk internals allow for multiple bindings to various events which these are prioritized based upon their position within a processing stack. To ensure complete control over the ordering, it is advised to set these options using the widget configure subcommand.

        o cget -swap, -balanceQuotes and -margins now work correctly
        o new subcommand "children".
        o option -version default set to 0.1

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April Update

Some minor enhancements to the core modules. The most significant is a fix the gnocl::list row checking. Previously, if a row was creates with columns less than the total for the list model, then individual cell renderers would not have been created. The fix will check the proposed row length matches that which is expected.

    gnocl::tree, gnocl::list
        o new option -sensitive
        o enhanced error checking of item list lengths when adding
          a new row a new row list MUST contain the exact number
          of entries.   
        o fixed problem with -data option.
        o search command no longer requires -tags option to be set,
          returns a list of row col values defining start/end
          positions of search string

Friday, March 09, 2018

March Update

I've spent much of my coding time over the past few weeks on other projects so Gnocl didn't receive too much attention. However, there is something to report as of today.

        o search command no longer requires -tags option to be set, 

          returns a list of row col values defining start/end 
          postions of search string

        o -currentFolder option now works properly.