Saturday, November 10, 2018

Recent Changes, October 2018

Just a few enhancements to the module core, the most useful perhap being the  -onScroll signal handler for the eventBox widget.

        o added -onScroll, extra subsitution string %c returns child widget id.
        o insert command with -tags option now works again whilst when markup tags enabled
        o insert command now returns updated insert position (end of text)
        o get command, specifying a single pos will now return single character.
        o new command, clearSelection
        o cget -child now works.
        o get command will now return markup string dependent on widget configuration.
        o added command, reLabel.
        o added -colour/-color
        o now recognizes %~ percent string for VFS
        o Problems with adding new items to menus now fixed.
        o new command, nItems. Returns the total number of items in the menubar.   

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Applyings tags to gnocl widgets.

There are two ways in which widgets can be identified by a script: the wid returned on the creation of an object, and the use of the -name option. In both instances the interpretor will make an association betweem the two parameters and treat them as commands.

Now, consider what can be done if its necessary to hold meta information about a widget. At first one might think of using the -data option, which is fine up to a point. But, if the script needs access to a parameter of some sort that is passed to a callback handler then the obviouse choice is the use of the -data option. Doing so would allow that data to be accessed using the %p substitution parameter.

The glib apl allows us to assign various named string values to any g object. This could be anything, a desciption of the widget, some criteria which may result in the selective packing of widgets into a container. Perhaps even a tagged list.

The following code snippet shows how such data can be assigned, retrieved and manipulated.

 set wid(1) [gnocl::widget-class]
# create associated data field "tags" and initalize it to some value 
  gnocl::data $wid(1) set tags $myTag1

# append the contents of the "tags" data string
  gnocl::data $wid(1) set tags [list [gnocl::data $wid(1) get tags] $myTag2]

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Recent Changes

Some recent and practical enhancements to three widgets.


        o -keepChild option added to the remove/removePage commands. 
          Setting this switch will prevent the destruction of the child widget.
        o Remove/RemovePage now returns wid if of removed page's child.
        o -onSwitchPage options modified: %D returns child data, %t renamed to %l, and %t returns toplevel

        o set command now detects and handles markup strings

        o new option -topLevel.
          Setting markup will default to widgets contained within the
          toplevel window which contains the richTextToolbar.
          This option which specify an alternative toplevel.
          Setting a value to non-toplevel widget id will restore the
          default setting.   

As usual most recent sources available from Sourceforge.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

September Update

Just a few tweaks made over the past month.

        o get and set commands now work correctly.
        o class now returns comboBox and not comboEntry.
        o -onSelection, new substitution string %l, last selection.
        o new command, lastSelection       
        o added -onDestroy, -tooltip
        o cget -tooltip now works
        o added %c (child) and %p (parent) to -onEnter/-onLeave substitution strings
        o new command, redraw. Used when image contents is a pixbuf and changes need to be redisplayed.
        o new command, delete. Remove pixbuf object from hashtable and free associated memory.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

August Update

Recent enhcancements to the core widget set and commands.

        o new command, 'save' will save modified image.
        o extended range of available licences to include Creative Commons
        o new command, 'types' will return accronyms of supported licence types.
        o problems using -variable option now resolved.
        o cget -data now works properly
        o %d subsitution in -onChanged now implemented
        o default wrapMode set to word, widget size 300 x 200 pixels   
        o now works properly, defaults to synchronous fork, use & as in Tcl to use an asynch fork.
        o recent bug in rollover functionality now fixed.