Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Few Recent Enhancements...

Time has flown very quickly over the past few months, with much of my coding time dedicated to working on other projects. These have identified a the need for a few modifications to the Gnocl code which make GUI composition easier such as explicit order placement of child widgets in boxes and the harmonization of value extraction for text entry widgets.
Here is a summary of changes since the previous blog posting.

    gnocl::box, gnocl::hBox, gnocl::vBox
        o added -position option to the "add" subcommand.

        o added commands: 'selectionBounds', 'insert', and 'erase' (remove specified range of characters from entry buffer).
        o fixed problems arising from using the "delete" command.
        o added -nomarkup switch to the "get" command to override return of formatting markup.

        o problem with very slow internal update of the GTK 'text' property worked around, value set explicitly in widget configure function.
        o added 'select' as synonym for 'selectRegion', harmonizes with text commands.
        o added 'start' and 'end' keywords to the 'select'/'selectRegion' commands.