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Made some enhancements here today.  Added the Gtk "other" option  to the range of dialog types, i.e. no icon. But more significantly, implemented automatic setting of type to "other" if the -child option set.

Hiitherto, the gnocl::dialog was simply a means of giving yes/no feedback. Now, however, it's more useful for the setting of parameters and other forms of settings.

Here's a snippet from my current coding project which requires export to Abiword format. The following proc will build a dialog for the setting of vars. The code is not complete, but shows how the gnocl::dialog enhancements are working.

# set file export properties
# Args
# Return
proc abi:properties {} {
    global metaData
    global pageSetup

    set nb [gnocl::notebook]

    # file metadata
    set box(1) [gnocl::box -orientation vertical]
    foreach name [lsort [array names metaData]] {
        $box(1) add [gnocl::labelEntry \

gnocl::text serialization

The GTK libs include a means of serlizaing/deserializing the contents of a GtkTextBuffer but the documentation on how to craft such handlers is basically non-existent. There is one package OSXCART which will load save a buffer as an rtf which is often discussed but the process of building such handlers is cumbersome and need to be built into the gnocl sources themselves. The whole process is more speedily handled on the Tcl side using the various tag sub-commands which will provide all the necessary information. How does the process work? Each row and column of the text is parsed firsly for changes in tag states (ie on or off) and the for the text content. If a new tag is added, its name is kept in a list of applied tags. The text is then accumulated until a further tag state change occurs whereupon firstly the tag and then text changes are written an output string. The text accumulator is then reset to empty and so the process continues. If a tag is turned off, the reverse occurs; t…

Release 0.9.96

Just uploaded the latest stable release to Sourceforge. It been some time since the last major release and a of enhancements have been made. For me the next milestone was implementing the recentFiles functionality available through Gtk+. This is working, although a lot more options and commands need to be implemented for the gnocl::recentManager widget. Having said that, though, I can see that bulk of the functionality would only be rarely used.

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that the posts have reduced over the past few months. This isn't due to any loss of interest in Gnocl, far from it! I've also been working on my own translation tools which, I have to say, is the basic fuel which keeps the development work going.

Over the past four years or so that I've been working on Gnocl an awful lot of code has been added to the sources. Code that not only provide Tcl access to Gtk resources but provides a whole lot of advanced features which makes coding a breeze.