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Just created a binding to the Osxcart module which provided rtf import and export for GtkTextBuffers. Its a lot of coding for what is effectively a couple of library calls! The API allows for loading from files, but it seems more appropriate to import and export strings.

#--------------- # test-rtf.tcl #--------------- # Created by William J Giddings # 07-August-2011 #--------------- # Description: # Import/Export rtf formatted files from gnocl::text widgets. #---------------
#!/bin/sh # the next line restarts using tclsh \ exec tclsh "$0" "$@"
package require Gnocl package require GnoclOsxCart
set txt [gnocl::text]
gnocl::window -child $txt
gnocl::rtf register $txt
set fp1 [open "p006a_hello_world.rtf" "r"] set fp2 [open "test.rtf" "w"]
gnocl::rtf import $txt [read $fp1] close $fp1
puts $fp2 [gnocl::rtf export $txt] close $fp2