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gnocl::toolPalette -now implemented

I'm pleased to announce that, after much frustration, the gnocl binding to the GtkToolPalette is now complete. To try it out, download and compile the latest nightly build from Sourceforge.

And here's the test script:

# test-toolPalette.tcl
# Created by Dr. William J Giddings, 2016
exec tclsh "$0" "$@"
package require Gnocl

set tp [gnocl::toolPalette -tooltip TOOL-PALETTE -orientation vertical]

puts >[$tp commands]
puts >[$tp options]

set ig(1) [$tp addGroup -label MyGroup1]

puts >>[$ig(1) commands]
puts >>[$ig(1) options]

$ig(1) addItem -icon %#New -text XXX -tooltip YYY -data £££ -onClicked {puts "Hello from %w %d"}
$ig(1) addItem -icon %#Cut -text ABC -tooltip ZZZ -onClicked {puts "Hello from %w"}
$ig(1) addItem -icon %#Copy -tooltip WWW -onClicked {puts "Hello from %w"}

set pi [$ig(1) addItem -icon %#Paste -tooltip AAA -onClicked {puts pi} ]
puts ....$pi....
puts "class = …

Gnocl for Raspberry PI

After a couple of hours work this evening (largely fixing errors in the distribution makefile) I successfully compiled Gnocl to run on my newly acquired Raspberry PI3. It was much, much easier than expected. No changes to the source code whatsoever.

I now need to create a download page from Sourceforge. Currently running Ubuntu Mate on my Pi. Very nice, very pleased. Much faster than my sturdy old 32-bit workhorse.

Here's a snippet from a screenshot.