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Recent Changes

The past couple of months have seen some inprovements to the core code, including an number of notable fixes. The most signfiicant, to my mind, is the a reliable implementation of text widget pango markup.

        o fixed problems with closing and deleting the dialog.
        o fixed problems with inserting pango markup strings containing non ASCII characters.
        o new options
            -balanceQuotes, handles matching double and single quotes along with apostrophe-s
            -swap, swap keyboard string sequences for items in a matched list (e.g --> swapped for right arrow graphic U+2192)
        o enhanced 'get' command to respond to the setting of the -useMarkup option, command getMarkup deprecated.

        o getMarkup subcommand now retrieves stable pango markup strings.
        o new option: -show
        o added: -rolloverMode, one of: non, foreground, background or both.
        o use of -rollOverFgColor…