Thursday, November 26, 2015

Recent Changes

The past couple of months have seen some inprovements to the core code, including an number of notable fixes. The most signfiicant, to my mind, is the a reliable implementation of text widget pango markup.

        o fixed problems with closing and deleting the dialog.
        o fixed problems with inserting pango markup strings containing non ASCII characters.
        o new options
            -balanceQuotes, handles matching double and single quotes along with apostrophe-s
            -swap, swap keyboard string sequences for items in a matched list (e.g --> swapped for right arrow graphic U+2192)
        o enhanced 'get' command to respond to the setting of the -useMarkup option, command getMarkup deprecated.

        o getMarkup subcommand now retrieves stable pango markup strings.
        o new option: -show
        o added: -rolloverMode, one of: non, foreground, background or both.
        o use of -rollOverFgColor and rollOverBgColor reinstated
        o resolved need to set -onMotion handler in order to engage rollover effect rendering.
        o problems with getSelection fixed.
        o new sub-command: selectRegion.
    New widget, gnocl::acceleratorGroup

One of the major tasks ahead for me now is updating the documentation, and issuing an incremental release. At ths point plans need to be made regarding the migration to Gtk3+. Whilst the transition will certainly offer new resources to the Gnocl coder, a major overall of the sourcecode is anticipated, perhaps alongside the retirement of some widgets due to core deprecation.