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Simplifying the use of the Progress Bar.

The basic implementation of the progressBar widget allows the setting of the "fraction" property of the GtkProgressBar but using this options requires more on the Tcl-side than it needs to.

Combination of the new options -range and -steps along with the new sub-commands step,incr and reset help to simplify matters.

For simple lists use the step subcommand along with the the -steps option to indicate the progress of a small, known number of steps where feedback on the completion of each step is required. Setting the -steps option to 10, for example, will set the widget "fraction" property to 0.1 (1/10, i.e. 10%). Following this each time the step sub-command is called, the widget bar will expand in length by 10% until it reaches 100%. The step sub-command accepts an additional argument which will set the text content of the bar.

    set modules [list \
        apple.tcl \
        blackberry.tcl \
        cherry.tcl \
        damson.tcl \
        elderberry.tcl \