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Dialog bindings completely re-written.

The legacy code to create a gnocl::dialog has always been problematic. The way the code was originally devised was to build up a set of control buttons using what Gtk libs describe as "activation widgets", that is: custom made widgets added to the bottom row of buttons. Apart from this approach going against the Gnome user interface guidelines, it always results in an application crash. Looking at other dialogs in the library indicates why. The idea is that the dialog 'runs' within its own loop which is only exited when a response button is activated. The dialog either gathers or gives information and then returns to the calling script a response decision obtained the user. Using activation widgets that call the -onResponse signal break this process. If programmers have used the activation widgets for something more complex then those widgets ought to be packed as children into the main body of the dialog.
I've now resolved this problem by completely re-writing t…

Difficulties Over Setting Rollover Tag Attributes. -SOLVED

Setting individual rollover colours for tags seems a little more trouble some than I first imagined. After adding a whole pile of code that wasn't going anywhere it was time to rethink!

Occam's Razor time.

Whenever a solution is becoming overly complex to the point that it begins to fail, then the solution is wrong. After a while I thought that if rollovers were implemented in Gtk2+ how would it be listed in the docs? Ah! Styles -- a little voice said behind me. But, as no such style exists (if it does let me know), it seems right to add two pseudo styles: "rollover-fg" and "rollover-bg". These can be set using the familiar:

gnocl::setStyles GtkTextView "rollover-bg" blue

What is needed now is to remove the earlier tag options to set these colours.

Rollover effects

The text rollover effects are well implemented now in the core C code. At present changing the colours for a rollover event in any single text widget will affect all text widgets. So, the next step is to enable unique fg/bg colour combinations.

When using the rollover -tag setting some caution must be used as if any single rollover tag is used repeatedly in a text, then all those separated blocks of text marked with the tag will be highlighted.