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Summary of Recent Progress

The current nightly build sees a range of enacements to Gnocl as a whole. A number of issues have been addressed as itemized in the extract from the NEWS document below. This nightly update sees the -name option taking on a greater role in the control of widgets. Ordinarily used for specifying ojects in a Gtk CSS file, or in a builder/glade XML file, using the name option will cause the interpretor to create a command for the widget using the string specified by the -name option. Ordinarily a widget instance would be created as follows:

set myButton [gnocl::button -text "Hello World"]

And modified with:

$myButton configure -onClicked { puts %w }

But now,  the following will produce similar results.

gnocl::button -text "Hell World" -name myButton

Modification can also be handled too,

myButton configure -onClicked {puts %w}

This approach provides a neat and efficient way of creating widgets as objects within namespaces. Using the same example the following could be used: