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pixbuf.c - new library functions

The Gtk way of drawing to pixbufs and drawable objects is through the use of Cairo. This is fine if you're working with screen objects or, you want nicely draw vector objects to build UI components. The use of the GdkPixbuf provides a convenient platform for a number of image manipulation operations. There are already some experimental filters in the gnocl core and today I added some extra functionality line and circle drawing plus flood fill. These are all pixel based and not anti-aliased but are lightning fast.

gnocl::window -new options and commands

After a relatively quiet few days on the Gnocl front I added the following options and commands to the gnocl:window object.

-new commands         hasFocus        return the name of the widget within the window that has                          the active keyboard input focus         setFocus        set the focus to a named widget within the window         present         bring a window to to the toplevel, deiconifying etc as                          necessary
-new option         -defaultWidget  define which widget by default receives input focus

In addition to this, I've done some work to the gnocl::window online docs. This page has been in need of major updating for some time. So much new functionality has been added. There is still much to do, however. Most options are still 'TO BE COMPLETED' entries.

Finally, put the bare bits together to implement a Gnocl binding to the threads module.

Some ommisions and code slimming

Its good to get emails from users picking up various issues that need addressing in the gnocl core code. Just removed some redundant tests which were being applied to signal handlers found in the more recent widget additions.  There's also a FreeBSD port out there tool

At last, perhaps the easiest way to create Gtk+ apps is getting the attention it deserves!

gnocl::text -new tag options

Just added the following options to the text tag. Those which require string arguments are still stubs at the moment.

-marginAccumulate -backgroundFullHeight  -backgroundStipple
-direction -editable -foregroundStipple -indent -language
-leftMargin -name -pixelsInsideWrap -rightMargin -rise
-scale -tabs -variant -weight