Thursday, August 24, 2017

Displaying Tcl dict contents in a gnocl::list widget

The following script shows how to display the contents of a simple Tcl dict within a gnocl::list widget.

# the next line restarts using tclsh \
exec tclsh "$0" "$@"

package require Gnocl

namespace eval pkg {}

# Create a gnocl::list displaying the contents of a Tcl dict.
# Arguments:
#    val        dict data to display.
#    args
# Returns:
#    wid of gnocl::list containing the dict data.
proc pkg::dict2list { vals } {
    set res ""
    # get a complete list of info keys
    set c key
    dict for {id info} $vals {
        foreach {a b} $info {
            if { [string first $a $c] == -1 } { lappend c $a }
    set headings [lsort -unique $c]
    set res [gnocl::list -titles $c]

    # populate the list
    dict for {id info} $vals {
        set row2 [string repeat "{} " [llength $c]]
        set row2 [lreplace $row2 0 0 $id]
        foreach {a b} $info {
            set d [lsearch $c $a]
            set row2 [lreplace $row2 $d $d $b]
        $res add [list $row2]

        set row ""

    return $res

# Add a new column to an existing list or tree
# Create new widget, add data and insert into parent container.
# Arguments:
#    wid        gnocl::list/gnocl::tree to modify
#    title    title for new column
#   type    data type
# Returns:
#    wid        widget id of replacement object
proc pkg::addColumn { wid title type } {

    set titles [$wid cget -titles]
    set types  [$wid cget -types]
    set data [$wid getFullList]
    lappend titles $title
    lappend types $type
    set parent [gnocl::winfo parent $wid]
    $wid delete
    set wid [gnocl::list -titles $titles -types $types]
    $wid add $data
    $parent configure -child $wid
    return $wid


# Script Main Function
# Arguments:
#    args
# Returns:
#    none
proc main { args } {

    dict set employeeInfo 12345-A forenames "Joe"
    dict set employeeInfo 12345-A surname   "Schmoe"
    dict set employeeInfo 12345-A street "147 Short Street"
    dict set employeeInfo 12345-A city   "Springfield"
    dict set employeeInfo 12345-A phone  "555-1234"
    dict set employeeInfo 98372-J forenames "Anne"
    dict set employeeInfo 98372-J surname   "Other"
    dict set employeeInfo 98372-J street "32995 Oakdale Way"
    dict set employeeInfo 98372-J city   "Springfield"
    dict set employeeInfo 98372-J phone  "555-8765"   
    set lst [pkg::dict2list $employeeInfo]

    gnocl::window -child $lst -setSize 0.25 -width 800 -y 500 -x 100

   # add an extra column to the list

    set lst [pkg::addColumn $lst email string]



Recent Changes

Just a few additions and enhancements to the 0.9.96 code over the past couple of months. Latest sources available at Sourceforge.

    gnocl::tree, gnocl::list
        o cget -types now works.
        o FIXED: crashing when getFullList called on model with 0 rows.
        o -onPopulatePopup Substitution options %r, %c and %t changed to %R(ow), %C(olumn) and %T(ags),
             and %t reallocated to return id of widget toplevel window.
        o added -onButtonPress and -onButtonRelease
        o added getSelectionBounds for consistency with the text widget       
        o menuButton -icon can now be reconfigured.
        o FIXED: problems with serialize/deserialize, now tests for valid filename.
        o added -baseColor
        o added -orientation -leftMargin -rightMargin -margins -paragraphSpacing -lineSpacing -justify
        o new commands getSelection
        o set -wrapMode default to word.
        o added -baseFont       
    gnocl::tree, gnocl::list
        o added %S to -onButtonRelease and -onButtonPress substitutions strings, returns a list of the selected items
        o new load option, -data, will create pixbufs from inline xpm data, e.g. menu icons.
        o -onFocusOut handler, now supports %g %p %t %w %D substitution strings. Where 'D' is direction.
    gnocl::eventBox, gnocl::fixed and gnocl::window
        o completed support for the -onAdd and -onRemove events, ie. adding or removing child widget to or from a container.
        o new options -scale, -constrain, -constrainWidth, -constrainHeight, -data