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Summary of Changes for the Past Couple of Months

Haven't posted much to the Blog for the past couple of months but there has been a steady stream of enhancements put into the sources. Here's a brief summary of the changes over the past few weeks. Download the latest nightly build from Sourceforge.

    gnocl::box, gnocl::hBox, gnocl::vBox
        o added commands: show, hide
        o added commands hidePage, showPage
        o added options -tabAlign, -tabWidthChars, -tabUseMarkup
    new command, gnocl::keyName
    gnocl::accelarator module completely re-written.

A further area of development that I've been working on recently is providing a realiable framework for creating gnocl driven widgets and megawidgets. By widgets, the idea is the use of the drawing area object to create unique items, using internal scripting in order to drive cairo. To keep the Tcl side of the scripting to a minimum, a small number of utiltiy commands currently being tested will find their way into the m…