Wednesday, July 21, 2010

gnocl::text new tag sub-command

Work on my gnome/gnocl implementation of my thesaurus is going well. I've now created an entry editor. Here's the screen shot.

I'm using MetaKit to manage the data so the field names are obtained directed from the database view. The blue band with the term 'number category' is a new gnocl megawigdet which I've built specifically to act as a heading (its basically a label in an enventBox).

The idea is to allow entries to be edited as needed. So, to call the editor is a simple matter of clicking on the category heading that appears after a search has been produced. This smoke and mirror stuff is all handled through text tags. This is where the new tag subcommand comes in useful. Each category has a unique tag derived from the database row number. As I don't want to use globals or namespaces to track the search results we can do the job easily through significating tag names. After a new search the tags used will change so we want to purge the tagtable. Hitherto it was possible to do this explictly using tag delete but, of course there are simpler ways to do this (this is TCL after all). Hence the tag subCommand 'clear' will zap all tags.

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