Tuesday, October 19, 2010

gnocl::print ------ progressing

Did some more work on the print module today. First of all I reworked the registration of the print op. Originally it was registered along with the other widgets, but on reflection I felt that it should be named differently in the same way as pixBufs are. So, I had to add a pile of funcs to add a hashtable to handle print jobs. Another change that I made to the code was to use a pointer to a parameters structure rather than to the op itself. Ok, all of the relevant info regarding the print job will be held in a printersettings structure, but the use of the parameters structure means that all the relevant pointers and non-gtk option settings can be accessed through a single call rather than having too many messy globals floating about. Finally, added the basics for the developer docs. The module doesn't print anything yet even though there's well over 500 lines of code!

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