Monday, January 03, 2011


Made some progress on this module to today. Its a strange way of doing things. ImageMagick is something of a mixture of the gtk Pixbuf and Cairo operations in that pixel drawing and vector drawing operations are available. Ok, there are differences, ImageMagic has a whole pile of image manipulation tools to begin with and is aimed primarily on the processing of disk-based imagery. Cairo, on the other hand, is fast enough handle real-time drawing for rendering widgets. Yesterday I got block 'drawing' working using the vector drawing ops and today created a custom command for a pixel block draw. Both are a somewhat slower than I expected. I need something to set a whole chunk of pixel array in the fastest possible time. Maybe the MagicCore has something more efficient to offer.

Ended my programming day looking at how its possible to port gdk_pixbuf data to a MagicWand image and vice-versa. Got the rudiments together but coming up against a couple of bugs accessing the pixbuf.

Seeing as its the new year I took a look at the development review that I posted a few months back. Sure enough, most of those features tagged for some TLC are still waiting!

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