Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Setting the Gnome Desktop background

Spent some time looking at directly setting the desktop background under script control rather than through gconf. The latter gives a gradual transition between images suitable for slide shows but I'm still interested in setting backgrounds to the contents of image buffers. This means that I could embed a clock dial or custom slide show, messages etc into the background layer itself. The documentation is pretty aweful and because the API is *UNSTABLE* its not in the expected libgnomeui libraries but secreted away in its own, obscure package.

So far, I managed to load the image, convert it to a pixmap and then set it as the bg image. This only occasionally works. The code will run but then nothing happens. Ok, I'm sure that the code is running, but there must be a daemon control the background which needs to be negotiated with. I think that the 'right route' might be to save the pixbuf as an image, add it to the list of background images and then write to that.

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