Tuesday, April 05, 2011

printing -2

Got basic listings running, enabling the setting of basic font and headers. The API is quite complicated as it aims to satisfy the various platforms that run Gtk+ which have their own print libraries. I think that the extent of what I'll do is to set some basic parameters such as margins, headers and footers. One other generalized route maybe to make the printing drawing context 'public', so that it can be draw to directly using cairo routines accessed through the gnocl::draw command.

This is the test-code snippet that I'm working with:

proc doPrintFile {} {
    puts [upvar level #0]
    set fname test-print.tcl
    gnocl::print file $fname \
        -baseFont [list "Courier" 8] \
        -linePadding 2 \
        -header $fname

At the moment, the source code itself has a whole pile of experimental stuff in there which will be thinned out in a short while.

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