Saturday, February 16, 2013


This morning I took a look at the task of adding more custom widgets to the gnocl tool-kit. What has always capture my imagination is the 'recording' and 'playback' level indicators typically found in sound recording apps. Now, I've no real idea of what should be looked for in such widget other than it should flash on and off, rise up and down and occasionally go into a red zone. So, I've added some experimental code to see how it should be pieced together and it looks like fun. There is still some way to go in order to make all the options configurable and the widget resizeable. If anyone's interested in the making serious use of it, please give me feedback and then I can enhance the code in a more meaningful way. Here's a screen shot and demo script.

# test-level.tcl

exec tclsh "$0" "$@"

package require Gnocl

proc display {} {
    global lev
    set hb(1) [gnocl::hBox]
        for {set i 0} {$i<20} {incr i} {
            set lev($i) [gnocl::level]
            $hb(1) add $lev($i) -padding 0
            $lev($i) set [expr $i * 10]

    set eb [gnocl::eventBox -background black -child $hb(1)]
    return $eb

proc draw {} {
    global lev
        for {set i 0} {$i<[array size lev]} {incr i} {
            set val [expr 50+ int ( rand() * 50) ]
            $lev($i) set $val

    after 100 draw

gnocl::window -child [display]

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