Its a lot of work!

Decided add to the ability to get more feedback from the gnocl package. The implementation of the cget command across the various widgets is still a little patchy and I've just added a new command, 'options' to all the widgets which will return a list of valid switches. With well over 50  modules to update this is a lot of work! Its taken me about 5hrs so far!
Following that I will add a similar command to obtain the valid widget and contents (e.g. text tags) sub-commands. For some widgets with just a handful of options and commands it something of an overkill but, then comes the task of updating the documentation.
I've completed most of the support in place for using pango markup strings in the text widget. The set of available tags is pre-defined, but quite extensive. Just a little more work in this area before the handling of <span.. </span> will work properly. Added this is a new toolbar with all the necessary buttons for the pango markup in place.


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