Recent Changes and Enchancements

Admittedly, over the past few months things have been a little quiet on Gnocl development front. The summer has been very busy for me with most of my free time taken up with the preparation of some translation work for a forthcoming textbook on the history of east asian medicine. Needless to say, much of this has been produced using Tcl/Gnocl derived tools.

The past couple of weekends have seen me address a number of problems and limitations that have arisen. Firstly the Gnocl website failed to load -- this has now been fixed and all runs normally. Next, I've worked on a couple of issues around the gnocl::eventBox and gnocl::entry widgets. With the enhancements to the gnocl::entryBox it is now possible to remove child widgets or allow their replacement during runtime. The gnocl::entry has seen the addition of the -innerBorder option, which controls the packing between the text and the entry containing frame.

Some changes have taken place beneath the surface too. Previously it was not possible to access the parameters structures for widgets in event callback handlers as these simple return the calling GtkWidget pointers, this has been overcome through the introduction of a parameter list hash table.

Other modifications in progress include the introduction of entry validation for the gnocl::entry. Set using the new -validate option the following choices will be available: unicode (default), alnum, alpha, integer and float.

The lastest build is now available from Sourceforge.


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