gnocl::toolPalette -now implemented

I'm pleased to announce that, after much frustration, the gnocl binding to the GtkToolPalette is now complete. To try it out, download and compile the latest nightly build from Sourceforge.

And here's the test script:

# test-toolPalette.tcl
# Created by Dr. William J Giddings, 2016
exec tclsh "$0" "$@"
package require Gnocl

set tp [gnocl::toolPalette -tooltip TOOL-PALETTE -orientation vertical]

puts >[$tp commands]
puts >[$tp options]

set ig(1) [$tp addGroup -label MyGroup1]

puts >>[$ig(1) commands]
puts >>[$ig(1) options]

$ig(1) addItem -icon %#New -text XXX -tooltip YYY -data £££ -onClicked {puts "Hello from %w %d"}
$ig(1) addItem -icon %#Cut -text ABC -tooltip ZZZ -onClicked {puts "Hello from %w"}
$ig(1) addItem -icon %#Copy -tooltip WWW -onClicked {puts "Hello from %w"}

set pi [$ig(1) addItem -icon %#Paste -tooltip AAA -onClicked {puts pi} ]
puts ....$pi....
puts "class = [$pi class]"
puts >>>[$pi commands]
puts >>>[$pi options]

$pi configure -onClicked { puts "BOING! BOINGG!" } -icon %#Stop

if 1 {
set ig(2) [$tp addGroup -label MyGroup2 -collapsed 1 -sensitive 0]

$ig(2) addItem -icon %#New -text XXX -tooltip YYY -onClicked {puts "Hello from %w"}
$ig(2) addItem -icon %#Cut -text ABC
$ig(2) addItem -icon %#Copy
$ig(2) addItem -icon %#Paste

parray ig

gnocl::window -child $tp -width 200 -height 400


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