Saturday, May 08, 2010

PrintSetup, progress continues....

Did more work yesterday on the printsetup module. This has taken me more time than I expected for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the documentation surrounding the printing features is a little spartan. It needs time to sit and reflect upon what’s going on rather than having a simple ‘how-to’ set of instructions. I have a copy of Krause who does give a worked example, but it appears to me that the chapter on printing was not given the attention of other sections of his textbook. Secondly, for a number of reasons I’ve had little restorative sleep over the past few days and looking at the source code was a bit like trying to read sand! Yesterday was a better day, completed the conversion to using a param structure for the object registration. So far, so good.

In operation this should allow two ways of setting up a printer, explicitly through the script or interactively through the a dialog.

Something which did occur to me as a result of working on this was returning to the builder module in the future in order to see how it would be possible to convert a Glade defined widget such as a GtkEntry into a gnocl::entry. It would, be simply a matter of retaining the Gnocl name of the widget and redirecting the GtkEntry pointer in the instance of the EntryParams structure to point to the builder generated entry. Could be a pile of spaghetti, but should be interesting.

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