Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SplashScreen and Embdedded Graphics

Had something of a mixed, productive day. Decided last night to hack together a gnocl::splashScreen widget. I’ve had a Tcl side package for some time now but it would be nice to have one as part of the core Gnocl widget set. The idea is to have something less ‘forms’ like with overlapping text, graphics and progress bar. Apart from using a canvas, this can only be achieved using Cairo. In retrospect, this is probably a good project on which to come to get to know how Cairo is used.

Something else that has result from looking at the splashscreen is the use of inline graphics. To this end I’ve hard coded the Gnocl logo into the pixBuf source and it can be accessed via the new gnocl::pixBuf logo command. Nice! Next step from this is to implement a package that will enable embedded application graphics for use in widgets!

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