Monday, July 18, 2011


Things on the Gnocl front have been quiet these past few days. My work load has been heavy and my second hard-drive on my workstations (ie HOME) started giving me sector errors which, is always bad news. Coupled with this, my workstation has parts in it dating back to the mid-1990s and so spares are scarce! Well, as luck would have it I still have spare drives floating around from a pile of old Acer laptops one of which will soon me in my OpenSUSE workstation. At the moment, running on a totally reliable (yet very noisy) 8.5GB IBM PATA hard drive circa 1998 so space is tight. However, spent a couple of hours this evening putting the basics together for a scripted listchooser widget. Here's a screenshot:

My prototype in running ok at the moment and, once finished, I'll post the code to the Gnocl website.

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