gnocl::text - tag dumping

Now that its possible create tags by either direct specification or through the use of Pango markup strings, its feasible to require the conversion of text buffer contents back into some form of markup format. Saving off large amounts of text as markup is ill-advised, use serialization to save/reload large buffers. What is in mind here is the ability to edit some rich text in a text buffer and then submit it for display in a list cell or label. Might sound an odd thing to do, but my translation editor does just this. A large body of writing is converted from a text file to a list, one entry per paragraph. These paragraphs are displayed in a gnocl::list in one column and their English translations in a second column alongside. Pango markup would allow those areas in the translation to be highlighted for future review.

Previously I had the bare bones of a widget 'dump' command in place and am now making further headway. Last night I added a 'ranges' sub-command to return the locations of where specific named tags are located. The recently added gtktextviewpango module also needed revisiting in order to add automatic tag naming.

Plan (hope, wish?) to complete this one before the end of the month.


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