Thursday, April 15, 2010

Completed Gamma Filter

Don’t think that because there’s been fewer blog posts that I’ve given up interest in the pixbuf filters module -oh no! Its the school/college Easter holidays and so I’ve been pre-occupied with a fair number of family duties and responsibilities. This time of year sees me doing a lot of DIY, not just as my own home, but that of my eldest daughter and my sister. This weeks handwork has included laying a kitchen floor, planting fruit trees (five, 7 if you include planting raspberry canes and rhubarb roots), clearing a vegetable patch and knocking down the side of an outbuilding so that it can be relaid! Oh, and I forgot to also mention, attendance at a daily ice-skating class and the regular camping expedition to mid-Wales. Ok, got a few mins, fixed the filter. A couple more to do and then the basic set is done... yay!

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