Wednesday, April 21, 2010

End of a tiring day....

It has been a very busy day. Modifying packages and makefiles for uploading and solving an irritating problem with setting commenting rights in OpenOffice. Okay, its not Gnocl stuff but it tool me a good while to sort this problem out.

In terms of the extension packages, these only make calls to a small number of gnocl library calls and, at present, the release version of the link libraries is hard edited into the Makefiles. I’ll come up with a way or rationalising this soon, so that I shalln’t need to do so much makefile maintenance! One last development that I have made, however, is the creation of a simplified installation makefile for each package for inclusion within the distribution tarball rather than the lengthier development makefiles that I have which include so many extras and convenience calls that make life a little easier for me!

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