Monday, April 26, 2010

Entry widget revisted

Some really useful feedback from John C. over the weekend drew my attention back to the gnocl::entry widget. I remember adding some extra bindings to it last year in a attempt to put the framework together for input validation and actualisation. One or two minor items were left undo which John picked up on. Thanks. I’ve some development scripts that I was working on at the time which I’ll drag out again. Now that the bindings are sorted, an undo/redo framework could also be implemented for the entry. So much to do, so little time to do it in!
What I did have time for though was to update the gnocl::entry docs page, the gnocl::signalStop command and add a simple tutorial on how to best use the gnocl signal/event bindings.
Then, after working on that, I returned for some coding on the pixBuf filters package. Created a handler to set filterparams using a struct, which, although it has reduced the module size considerably, it now begins to crash! C’est la vie!
Oh, and yes. Last night I thought that I’d build and test the abiwidget stuff. Downloaded it ok, and the dependencies but then the build process came to a halt after an hour! I’ll take another look at it in May.

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