Saturday, April 10, 2010

Work on the gnocl::pbfilter package begins!

Now that release 0.9.95 is out there for everyone to download, it’s time to turn my attention again to the completion of the image manipulation module. After an hour or so’s work I’ve got the basic package together. This has included moving over all the exploratory code that was reported earlier in this blog.
It has been a useful activity as it’s been some time since I worked on any package outside of the main Gnocl core code. What it did reveal was that the movement into gnocl.h of the various widget parameters structure made global for the purposes of implementing the support of the glade/builder UI xml files would now throw up compilation errors for gnocl dependant packages. This potential problem has been fixed by moving these declarations into their own header file, gnoclparams.h, and then including within those widget modules which use the structures it declares.

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