gnocl::imageViewer -new widget

Just downloaded and wrapped a first binding around Dov Grobgeld's gtk_image_viewer widget. Nice, fast  zooming and rotation of images with mouse/keyboard bindings.

A couple of hours later...

Also took a look at the GtkImageView library which ships with OpenSuse. On reflection I think that I'll fo with this option. The zoom action on the gtk_image_viewer widget has some edge bleed artefacts and doesn't appear have received some TLC in a while. Also. the docs aren't so good. The upside of this package was that I built the widget directly into the Gnocl core. With the GtkImageView route there are development libraries to be installed which means more dependencies which might not be too good a point for other users who want a slim-line version of Gnocl. What I've opted for as compromise is another installable package. Fortunately I have a simple package template which I can modify and so the transition was quite easy. I wonder why this widget is not in the Gtk+ core?


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