new command: gnocl::desktop slideShow

I've enjoyed some progress today working with the desktop. I'm still a little disappointed that a new background cannot be activated without having to undergo a dissolve and that there is some delay in updating the desktop wallpaper. The idea I had in mind was to 'embed' a Tcl powered clock in the background. It might still be possible with an update every minute, but I would have like to have displayed the second hand. But, then this is the trade off in relying upon a daemon to manage the overall Gnome configuration settings.

Anyway, this is how the test script is shaping up.

puts 1---------------
gnocl::desktop slideShow \
    -files {a.png b.png c.png} \
    -duration 110 \
    -transition 4 \
    -start [clock format [clock seconds] -format "%H %M %S"]
puts 2---------------
gnocl::desktop slideShow \
    -path [pwd] \
    -duration 120 \
    -transition 5 \
    -start {01 23 45}
puts 3---------------
gnocl::desktop slideShow \
    -path [pwd] \
    -duration 130 \
    -transition 6 \
    -start now
puts 4---------------
gnocl::desktop slideShow \
    -path [pwd] \
    -duration 140 \
    -transition 7 \


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